x Apartments



There are apartments in which time stops or which appear to us anew at night. Others with sagging bookshelves in which knowledge is at home, and those with a view of the sunset over the BASF. There are apartments which at any time could be left, because the inhabitants are not attached to things, just like the young Moldavian woman who, after Mannheim, came two years ago with her four children and three suitcases. As opposed to the woman with the blue strands of hair, who preserved her communion candle as though it were a treasure. There is also the old married couple who remember their first dairy in Schwetzingerstadt, the woman who when sewing listens to her favourite operas, and the other, who loves Japan and reveres Marie Curie. For X Apartments Mannheim residents open the doors to their private, highly varying worlds. In close contact with the space and familiar structures artists stage residents´ stories in ten-minute-long scenarios which become part of a course. The spectactors walk around one of the city districts in pairs and become co-players on a tour of discovery in an unfamiliar environment. This step over the threshold is at one and the same time an interruption of one´s own world and an irruption in to another.


Concept: Turbo Pascal

By and with: Eva Plischke, Frank Oberhäußer,

Performances: 04., 05., 06., 07. June 2011, Schillertage Mannheim





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