TURBO PASCAL speculates. Session I + II

Imagine you were a young woman at a party of Donald Rumsfeld, calling forAmerica to become independent of oil imports and transition to renewable energy. Donald Rumsfeld turns to the surrounding guests and says: “I can not believe it, but this young lady, she is right.“

Meeting protocols, reports and balances from the publication of Kommune 2 in Berlin (Kommune 2: The attempt to revolutionize individual citizens. 1969) are occasions for Turbo Pascal to place itself once more, anew and naive, in a relationship of theory, terminology, and forms of life and practice of so-called 68ers, in doing so speculaing about present day possibilities of thinking and behaviour.

When we do something together do we think more about enthusiasm and involvement for all, and would we then never become older but rather become ever bigger and again smaller, and bigger again? And would we then let the most curious things pass us by, while just yesterday everything was still as usual?

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CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Angela Löer, Eva Plischke, Veit Merkle, Camilla Schlie DRAMATURGICAL COLLABORATION Frank Oberhäußer

PERFORMANCES Theaterhaus Hildesheim 2005 and 2006, Festival 100° Berlin, sophiensaele Berlin 2006

FUNDED THROUGH Landschaftsverband Hildesheim, Stadt Hildesheim, a coproduction with Theaterhaus Hildesheim

REVIEW “Using an original, somewhat risky guided-tour theatre format, Angela Löer, Veit Merkle, Eva Plischke und Camilla Schlie speculate over the wonderland of the municipality. […] The really effective moments are when everything which has been orchestrated is abandoned in favour of risk-taking, when audience and cast have no idea how the other will respond, nothing is planned, extended mutual chains of association can grow, when everyone describes in their own words, whether they could imaging sharing a bed with the three others and revealing all, when the performers’ authenticity shines, and the performative nature of this guided-tour format becomes really powerful, highlighting Turbo Pascal’s strengths. […] Does life get bigger, better, nicer, when we all pull together? The ensemble hit the painful half-note as they respond these questions.”  Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung 2005

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