Schlender Studies

Walking together allows for confidential conversations to which no one can listen in. One can deviate from the path and on the way become complicit. One can think up plans and do things which alone are impossible. In switching two-party constellations the performers and spectators move beyond the target-orientated to-and-fro in and around the Sophiensaele and the street. Forever in search of affordable oppurtunities, unhoped-for trains of thought, tests of courage and unexplained proprietal circumstances. “Darling, darling, are you coming again through the streets before we live them?“ (Mittekill)

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CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Angela, Löer, Veit Merkle, Frank Oberhäußer, Eva Plischke

Performances: 12., 18., 19. June 2010 Sophiensaele Berlin 16., 17. June 2010, unithea Festival Frankfurt/Oder 05., 06., 07., 08. August 2011 Stromereien Performance Festival Zürich

A Turbo Pascal production with Sophiensaele. Sponsored through the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V.

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Schlender Studies – Talking the Walk in Griffintown

“That was the beginning of Canada, right in front here. And now it’ s the end of the world.” (Griffintown resident) Turbo Pascal takes the audience on an associative trip into the cosmos of Griffintown, where different perspectives and stories, facts and fiction about the neighbourhood overlap.

CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Etienne Jeannotte, Anissa Lahyane, Maxime Laurin, Philomene Levesque Rainville, Benoit Maufette, Marie-Eve Trudel

Performances: 22., 23., 24., 25., 26. August 2011

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