Public Incantation



Peter Handkes “Publikumsbeschimpfung“ (Public Insult) changed to a “Publikumsbeschwörung “ (Public Incantation). Magical communication practices were tested in order to distort or solve thought patterns and power-plays between teachers and pupils, adults and the young, majorities and minorities, stage and public. “Don´t you believe in Jesus? Believe in me! When you believe in me then everything will be fine. At mine are free cookies.“ A ghostly juxtaposition, which tells of otherness but in at the same moment allows for great intimacy.

“When I see them, I think they earn nothing. They glady sit in the dark and light a candle. They find it cosy. They think they must free us. They can read our thoughts. No, we can read theirs….“ The school is the place where the practice of mind-reading was often deployed: Female teachers creep inside the heads of the school girls. Male pupils try to manipulate the thoughts of their teachers

As part of the HOUSECLUB and as a project with young people Turbo Pascal continues a debate which was begun in 2010 during the X-Schulen at the Hector Peterson School. What do the youth think of the others, whom they often describe, and by whom are judge – teachers, adults, Germans? And what do they believe, what was thought of you?

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CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Turbo Pascal and pupils of the Hector-Peterson-Oberschule Kreuzberg: Angela Löer, Can Temizkan, Dalia Hibish, Dogukan Kurt, Edanur Sari, Eren Ajhut, Eva Plischke, Fatima Amer, Fatma Hamade, Frank Oberhäußer, Görkem Ergun, Ibo Ammoura, Kader Pensel, Ranja El- Asmar, Sirin Yilmaz, Veit Merkle STAGE AND COSTUMES Alexei Fittgen MUSIC FriEdrich Greiling PRODUCTION Angela Löer ASSISTANT Swantje Ritz ASSISTANT SCENOGRAPHERS Elvin, Krille Eichenberger

A Turbo Pascal production with HOUSECLUB/HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded through the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung


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