You are a little thing: a human, a datum, a substance, a noise, a rumour. You diffuse increasingly, moving from one room to the other. When you are outside you want to be somewhere inside – where the others are, where it is warm, safe, and not tedious. And when you are inside you want to go out again – or at least know what is going on outside and what you missed. Only then we move perpetually between inner and outer spaces, websites and continents.

Another world begins when you open the door, when you turn the television, another: “they out there demand freedom to travel“ … “The English tour group has arrived now, they enebriate themselves by the pool.“ … “A second moon has appeared and it is greenish and double the size of the last. “ … “You have landed, and in Brandenburg indeed“ … “There is absolutley nobody left – all sounds we hear come from Tonband.“ … You are never right – above all you are never correctly informed.

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CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Friedrich Greiling, Veit Merkle, Frank Oberhäußer MUSIC Friedrich Greiling + guest musicians STAGE Turbo Pascal

FIRST PERFORMANCE 23.06.2011 Berlin del Mar Festival, Sophiensaele/Berlin

A Sophiensæle production. Sponsored with funds from the Hauptstadtkulturfond.

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