Over there

Make a detour. Walk upright and keep your eyes open. Take your time when you are addressed. The spirit of the place will establish contact with you. Try to get over there. Enjoy the view. Don´t let yourself be caught out. OVER THERE is a game with limits, a scenic inspection of areas around Uffhauser Straße in which separate laws, climatic conditions and secret rules of play dominate. Is Uffhauser Straße a boundary? What is there, where you never once were? Where no one knows what to do, it teems with spirits. No one knows who many there are….

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CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Turbo Pascal, Haslacher Schüler/innen & Bürger/innen, Verena Lobert, Veit Merkle, Frank Oberhäußer, Eva Plischke, Sabrina Finke, Bente Polei, Max Hofmann, Tabea Knittel, Domenic Strohecker, Bastian Eichhorst, Hayat Salem, Shari Esklony, Pauline Fahr, Fatima Elmyr, Jakob Levkel, Sabine Klügel, Raol Kasanoma, Ali Chaer, Ibrahim Hammoud, Aniela Scheffel, Laura Ogbolu, Waltraud Kaswig, Sonja Ladusch, Dirk Harms, Caroline Schnapp, Kristin Lohwasser, Edith Dewachter, Sergin, Luca, Dilhat, Saram, Bilo Vrankaj, Dustin Shefkiu, Jordan Bauer, Gigi Asahov

OPENING NIGHT 17.10.2012 Finkenschlag Haslach/Theater Freiburg

In cooperation with the Staudinger Gesamtschule and the Theater Freiburg, part of the DOPPELPASS fund of the Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

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“The scene changes are fluid in DA DRÜBEN (‘over there’), by theatre collective Turbo Pascal, as are their symbolic references: as soon as the GDR border is declared, it becomes the border between Haslach and Weingarten, before being unmasked as a prejudice, all in the mind. Multiple borders are crossed in this show, and in the Freiburg city theatre’s external performance location: the ‘Finkenschlag’ in Haslach. […] By the end the participants are left bewildered, but moved.”  Julia Dreier, Badische Zeitung, 18.10.12

Badische Zeitung

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