The modern human is constantly judged, categorized and sorted out according to their lifestyle, their consumption and social behavior. Each of us already exists as a profile made up of applicable algorithmic data records. In Algorithmen, Turbo Pascal drags this logic out of the darkness of the data processing centers and into the stage light – the result is an audience processor: comparison and pattern recognition, classifications, selections and decisions – the basic algorithmic components incessantly make the performers and audience into objects and witnesses of various sorting procedures.

CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Bettina Grahs, Friedrich Greiling, Frank Oberhäußer, Margret Schütz, Georg Werner DRAMATURGY Angela Löer SET DESIGN Gabriele Vöhringer MUSIC Friedrich Greiling ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Christina Ostrowski ASSISTANT SET DESIGN Stephanie Traut

Produced by Turbo Pascal in coproduction with SOPHIENSÆLE. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

FIRST PERFORMANCE 9.10.2014 Sophiensaele/Berlin PERFORMANCES Schwankhalle Bremen



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