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Are you increasingly looking at the clock? Do you speak, walk and eat quicker than others? Are you suffering from arithmomania? Are you tired or bored when you dream?

Here you are right: These hours will be the most inefficient of your life. For every visitor a bed is prepared. We explore our common dreams and the collective somnolence. We study dormant faces and sleepwalks through nocturnal Berlin. Our sleep pattern is socially informed; when and where we fall asleep, how often and how long we sleep. What do our dreams and manner of sleeping tells us about the society in which we live?

The sciences of medicine, neurology and psychology advance gradually towards the unknown territory of sleep and dreams. In Magnetic Resonance Imagers our nightly brain activity is observed. During sleep experiments we explore the possibility of optimising our nightly hours of sleep. Should the night become part of a further field of performance optimisation or must we cultivate our weariness again and integrate in to the public sphere, instead of pushing exhaustion and regeneration in to our private lives as before?

Turbo Pascal sets up a sleep and tiredness laboratory–a place of possibility for the collective state of being tired. A hundred people who gather for sleep and become a resistent cell.

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CONCEPT Turbo Pascal BY AND WITH Golschan Ahmad Haschemi, Thorsten Bihegue, Verena Lobert, Veit Merkle, Frank Oberhäußer SCENOGRAPHY Janina Janke MUSIC Friedrich Greiling VIDEO Gernot Wöltjen PRODUCTION/DRAMATURGY Margret Schütz ASSISTANT Charlotte Elsa Grief

FIRST PERFORMANCE 13.03.2013 Sophiensaele/Berlin

A Turbo Pascal production. Funded through Hauptstadtkulturfonds and Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle angelegenheiten. In cooperation with TäF Charité und Kukturbüro SOPHIEN.

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